Uber #1/2 Reveals Sieglinde’s Origin in Bleeding Cool Magazine #8

Uber1_2Sieglinde (3)The word is out – Ferals artist Gabriel Andrade is illustrating the exclusive Uber #1/2 Sieglinde origin issue with writer Kieron Gillen. ?Over the past year, it has been widely hailed that?Gillen and Caanan White have reinvented the super soldier genre in the pages of Uber. ?With its unyielding look at the horrors of escalating world war, the series has become a must read each month. ?Fans have enjoyed a lot of behind the scenes material from the Uber #0 Enhanced Edition to the Uber Enhanced Hardcover collection which both featured author notes, sketches, and essays giving the reader insights into what shaped the series. ?But no one has gone to the very beginning to show us what created the immensely powerful Battleship class Ubers. ?Until now.

FERALS13wraparoundGillen ?told us what he felt made the special Sieglinde #1/2 issue essential to the Uber universe. ?”We’ve kept the readers at a distance from our Battleships so far. There’s been hints and nods, but this is the first time we really get a chance to see beneath the indestructible veneer. With the pace of the war, I realised I wasn’t going to have space to really dig into this story until the second year of the book. When the idea of doing a short story this year came up, I knew it’d be the perfect place to do it. As we approach the climax of year one, Sieglinde is the most important of the battleships, so this is a timely focus on her human side. As with everything Uber, it’s all part of the whole vision of the series. The other bonus is getting a chance to work with Gabriel Andrade. I’ve been loving what he’s doing on Ferals, it’s exciting to see his be the first artist apart from Caanan to imagine the Uber universe.”

BCM8Uber #1/2 is only available in Bleeding Cool Magazine #8 as both a digital download included with the $1.99 price of the magazine and a redeemable print copy which can be purchased through mail order. ?Make sure you reserved a copy of Bleeding Cool Magazine #8 with your local comics retailer as their orders for it are due tomorrow.


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