Stitched #16 & Crossed #36 Spotlighted on Horror Comic Round Up

Resident horror aficionado, Decapitated Dan of Comic Related’s weekly comic review, Horror Comic Round Up, gave high marks for recent issues of Stitched and Crossed: Badlands. ?On this stage, only the best horror comics are reviewed and presented for hardcore fans of all things frightful. ?Here is what he had to say about these Avatar titles:

Crossed36RegCrossed Badlands #36 (Avatar Press)

Decapitated Dan:?This arc by Lapham was really good, but I do admit I was lost because I did not read the previous arc that contained this cast. This is one of those, I wish they did a recap page issues, well all 4 issues of this arc, because it would have been a good way to get me caught up on what came before. This storyline also left itself wide open to come back to one very interesting character, Crossed Pope. Well I will call him that, I am sure he was probably just a priest. The artwork by Ruiz s great, and has been very solid throughout this storyline. There really is not more to say, it was a great arc. Now bring on the next one!?- Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0

Stitched16Stitched #16 (Avatar Press)

Decapitated Dan:?I know lately I have been telling you over and over how good the books coming from Avatar Press are, and it reflects in the reviews, but seriously he comes another. When I started reading this series with issue #1 it was good, but I didn’t keep up with it. However with the past few issues I am all in and I can not wait for more. I think what is happening is this book is beyond AGH-Mazing, and I really tip my decapitated head to Mike Wolfer! In this issue, we not only got to see the Stitched in action, but there was also this F^$#&!%* CREEPY ASS scene with a ghost! It makes sense though, it takes place in Japan, why not add a ghost. The artwork by Heinz is a thing of beauty. Let me refer back to the ghost scene, HOLY S#^! that was creepy. Let’s just sum it all up with a simple math equation … Wolfer + Heinz = HOLY F^$#&!%* S#^! READ STITCHED! -?Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

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