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The following comics are new to ComiXology on Wednesday 11/20/13:

Same Day As Print:

Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #12

NotLDAftermath12regPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:?? The end is here as DAVID HINE tells the final bloody chapter in the?Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath?story.? The excessive 1970s have given way to the dawn of the undead.? Zombies have overrun the defenses that held them in check and turned major American cities into shambling ghoul towns.? We started our journey with the Las Vegas survivors and our tale of misery ends with them.?? Available with Regular cover by Matt Martin, Gore & Wraparound cover by German Erramousepe, and Terror Retailer Incentive cover also by Martin


Stitched #17

Stitched17PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:? The once-undisputed Yakuza rulers of Tokyo’s Harajuku District find themselves the victims of unexplainable ambushes. They are being killed and transformed into a stealth strike force of undead, bloodthirsty Stitched! In league with the shadowy “Nameless One” who has brought the supernatural magic of the Stitched from the Middle East, businessman Kenji Nakamura’s dream of revenge on the villainous Shinju-kai is about to be realized. Available with a Regular, Wraparound, Gore, and special Slashed Incentive cover by series artist Fernando Furukawa.


New To ComiXology 11/20/13:

Gravel #0 – 7

gravel1tpb (2)It’s never a dull day, being a Magician. The mad mind of Warren Ellis is once again unleashed on combat magician William Gravel! Magic. Everyone thought that he was dead, including the Minor Seven, the secret enclave of Britain’s Occult Detectives. But Combat Magician William Gravel is very much alive and looking for the answers to how and why his place in the Minor Seven was filled by another and what the secret society is doing with the Sigsand Manuscript, an ancient supernatural text of unparalleled power. In a quiet, country cottage, Gravel will find the first clues to the Sigsand’s location and in the darkness of the cottage’s basement, a disturbing, unnatural thing that slithered into our dimension by the power of the ancient tome… Brought here from somewhere that mortal man could not possibly comprehend. The kind of magic that can strip the skin from a screaming man’s skull, or direct the path of a shrieking bullet through a maze of city streets, striking its target between the eyes with pin-point accuracy. This is not just magic… This is Combat Magic, wielded by Sergeant Major William Gravel, Warren Ellis’ cult-hit sensation from the pages of STRANGE KISS and STRANGE KILLINGS!

Ferals #7 – #12

FERALS7regularJoin David Lapham and Gabriel Andrade as the second chapter in the Ferals drama unfolds in supercharged violence! ?Dale Chesnutt managed to survive the FBI’s epic raid. ? ?But now the FBI have him under wraps and in their control. ?Or so they think? ?What exactly happened to Dale and who are the Ferals? ?All the answers are revealed in this arc!




Crossed: Badlands #33 – #39

Crossed33Crossed37RegWe?re all going slightly mad! Join DAVID LAPHAM as he returns to fan favorite survivor, Amada in a new gut wrenchingly disturbing tale of the Crossed. It takes a lot to shake you from the safety of insanity. But when a tribe of strangely religious Crossed appear following a vile infected ?pope,? it rocks Amanda to the core. And the survivors of Base M become the victims of something that defies the very nature of the Crossed. ?Breakdown? will defile your sanity in ways you never thought possible. ?And?Fan favorite Crossed writer SIMON SPURRIER delivers another fantastic character drama to the Crossed universe with ?American Quitters.? What do a hardcore biker and a hippie have in common? In the bleak landscape of the Crossed they have become traveling buddies giving us the strangest bloody violent road trip ever. Errol and Frank are the odd couple of the apocalypse and they have only one goal on this crazy road trip?to kill as many Crossed as they can before they die.

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