Decapitated Dan Goes Deep Into Gravel

GravelCM00BlackMagicGravel: Combat Magician returns in Previews this month with a new #0 issue that marks the return to that old black magic in January. ?Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer created the character in 2001 and have since taken the resident magic wielding soldier through trials and tribulations that would turn lesser men to jelly. ?But throughout the entire run of the series beginning in the black & white mini series Strange Kiss and running through 21 issues of a monthly series, one thing has remained true – it is never a dull day being a combat magician.

Now a new generation of readers will experience the horror that William Gravel deals with on a daily basis. ?Resident horror expert, Decapitated Dan of Horror Comic Round Up, GravelCM00Wrapsat down with Mike Wolfer to get the insight frights on the project. ?Wolfer explains his influences, the magic of Gravel, and the R-rated horror tone of the upcoming new series. ?It is a great look behind the veil of comic book creation and gets you ready for the horror to come when the new series is launched. ?You can see the full interview here: ?

GravelCM00regGravel: Combat Magician #0 is a double sized launch issue that includes the first chapter of the new story along with an 18 page primer that introduces new fans and readers to Gravel’s exploits to date. ?It is a perfect jump on point for a character with a storied history and a lot of creepy horror to share. ?Fans of characters like John Constantine and Swamp Thing will be particularly interested in this creepy creation of Warren Ellis. Orders for Gravel: Combat Magician #0 are being taken now – ask your local comic shop to reserve a copy for you today.

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