Avatar New in Comic Shops 12/11/13

New Avatar Press books in comic shops this week on Wednesday 12/11/13:

Crossed Vol 7 TP

CrossedVol7TPBPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: From the punishing creation of GARTH ENNIS? Crossed come three master storytellers who take you into the depraved world of uncensored grueling survival horror.? CHIRSTOS GAGE tells the tale of ultimate betrayal as one of the survivors betrays his own kind to live among the monsters in ?Quisling.?? DAVID LAPHAM reveals a new chapter in the deepening insanity overtaking the mind of Crossed: Psychopath survivor Amanda.? And Simon Spurrier returns to Crossed to tell a grindhouse original story about a deranged biker and a stoned hippy in ?American Quitters.?? This volume of Crossed collects issues #29 – 36 of the Crossed: Badlands series.

God is Dead Enhanced #1

god-is-dead-1-enhancedPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ?The sold out first issue is now available again with this special Enhanced edition! Hickman’s smash series is now an ongoing and the early issues are in huge demand.? But to make it even better, this edition features an all-new second story, not available anywhere else, from co-writer Mike Costa and artist Rafa (Crossed) Ortiz!? Just like with our sold out Uber #0 Enhanced, this will be the LAST printing of #1, and it is limited to only 7500 copies.



Skin Trade #4

SkinTrade04regPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:? The brutal conclusion is unleashed when Randi Wade finally found the truth about the creature that killed her father.? But now she is face-to-face with a real werewolf and an otherworldly demon that skins people alive.? GEORGE RR MARTIN?s World Fantasy Award winning horror tale comes to a close with a violent and unforgettable final act.? Available with Regular, Wraparound, Grisly and Skinned Retailer Incentive covers by series artist Mike Wolfer.



Uber #8

Uber08regPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:? The Pacific Theater of war has changed dramatically with the deployment of Japanese super soldiers.? Their use of this new technology alongside their Kamikaze terror strategy is starting to turn the tides of Allied power on the seas.? Join KIERON GILLEN in an epic tale of the evolution of horror in World War II with the arms race now focused upon developing super human warriors.? Is there an answer to the misery of war that will allow for a victor or will both sides be devastated by the amplified violence and destruction?? Available with Regular or Wraparound cover by Caanan White, Propaganda Poster cover by Michael Dipascale, and a special Blitzkrieg Incentive cover by Caanan White.

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