Hickman’s God Is Dead #4 Rocks The Heavens

GodisDead04GodisDead04EndofDaysJonathan Hickman’s modern day “clash of the titans” has electrified the comics community. ?As the world evolves around the return of the gods of old, a fierce war of the most powerful deities ever revered comes to a brutal head. ?The Asgardians have wiped out their competition, setting lesser pantheons ablaze. ?With the fall of Egypt’s powerhouse GodisDead04IconicGodisDead04Vengeanceplayers, Odin now focuses his attention on the grandest of mythologies…by taking the battle to the very halls of Olympus itself to face Zeus.

And the ragtag group of scientists unleash their mad attempts at birthing a god. ?But all the degrees and knowledge in the world can’t prepare them for what they are about to bring into this GodIsDead04Pantheonreality. ?What happens when you manipulate the very DNA of the gods? ?You bring forth an abomination of legend and threaten to send everything you are fighting for into chaos.

This is the war of the gods. ?Pick a side, utter your prayers, and prepare for Armageddon.


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