Crossed C-Day is March 26th

Crossed50_RegIn the January Previews, Garth Ennis’s much anticipated return to the pages of Crossed: Badlands #50 leads into 2014’s C-Day celebrations. ?Avatar Press began the yearly celebrations of all things Crossed with the launch of Badlands #1 and it continues full steam into the publication’s third year. ?This year Crossed readers will descend upon local comic shops in costume looking for a plethora of items guaranteed to offend and horrify. ?From the wide range of variant covers, a deluxe collectors set, Crossed Vol 8 TP, Crossed 2014 Annual, and brand new Crossed Logo shirts, comic shops will have the goods to calm the hordes of fanatical readers.


Make sure you stop by your local comic shop to find out Crossed_Logo_TShirtwhat festivities will be in your area and be sure to take pictures of any cosplay you may participate in. ?C-Day only comes once a year and its your one chance let your inner Crossed freak flag fly.


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