Daniel Way Joins Crossed

Crossed44regCrossed44TortureIn comic shops this week, readers will be introduced to the debut of?Deadpool?writer Daniel Way as he joins the ranks of the damned with a new tale of Crossed misery in Crossed: Badlands #44. ?The new chapter entitled ?Grave New World? introduces Captain Barnes and his naval crew of survivors. ?In the opening sequence, Barnes discovers clues about the nature of the Crossed infection which help him to develop a code of conduct for his followers. ?Using what he feels Crossed44redcrossedCrossed44wrapare lessons learned about the infected he sets his ultimate plan for riding out the storm and creating a new functioning faction of society.

But something isn’t quite right about the captain or his crew. ?And survivors who find themselves among his flock soon find out that safety comes at a price. ?This new chapter in the Crossed mythology begins in the early days of the breakout and spans the length of the plague. ?Like most Crossed stories, you will read the horrors knowing that once they are seen they can’t be unseen. ?Pick up the latest depraved issue today and find out why it is being called the most extreme survival horror being published.

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