Caliban Highlights The Many Horrors of Garth Ennis

Caliban-1Garth Ennis has delivered some of the most diverse and unique characters in comics over the course of his career. ?From the gratuitous Preacher to the hedonistic Crossed his flare for capturing the strangest evils from every corner of the globe has earned him praise as one of today’s most creative minds. ?And now adding to his already extensive repertoire, Ennis opens a new chapter of nightmare visions with his latest delve into darkness, Caliban.

Caliban-1-design-sketchFeatured in the pages of February Previews, Caliban #1 reveals the fate of a crew aboard a doomed space freighter. ?The new series gives Ennis a fresh opportunity to visit the darkest places of his imagination and bring readers along for the frightening ride as those horrors play out in the sequential pages of Caliban-1-terrorthe tale. ?Don’t miss out on a chance to find out what alien inspired nightmares are waiting for you in Ennis’ new series about the unsuspecting terrors of space.

Ask your local comic shop retailer to reserve a copy of Caliban #1 for you today!

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