Avatar Press New in Previews

god-is-dead-vol-1The March Previews is in comic shops everywhere and Avatar Press has two huge trade paperback collections listed for shipping in May! ?First is the collection you have been waiting for, Jonathan Hickman’s God is Dead Vol 1 TP. ?This 160 page volume collects the entire first story arc from issues #1-6 of the series in a single bookshelf worthy edition. ?Collected herein is the return of the ancient pantheons and the war that takes mankind from the modern era and throws them back to the dark ages. ?What happens when the divine not only walk the earth, but battle each other for dominion? ?Find out in the pages of 2013’s breakout hit series, God is Dead!


DisenchantedVol 1_TPBAlso collected for the first time is the initial chapter of Simon Spurrier’s hit new webcomic, Disenchanted! ?In this introductory offering we meet the modern fairy folk. ?They aren’t sparkly little pixies, but knife wielding, drug dealing, and crime committing citizens of Vermintown. ?Where does magic go to die? ?Look no further than the crime riddled streets of Vermintown where goblins, leprechauns, and fey folk take their miserable lives to live in a world of gangland violence and interracial hatred. ?Disenchanted answers all your wondering about what happened to the critters of legend…and that answer isn’t very pretty.

Ask your local comic book retailer to reserve these editions for you and spend this spring with Avatar Press! ?Trades are also available on Amazon.com and BN.com.

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