God Is Dead #12 has Ending of Biblical Proportions

god-is-dead-12Mike Costa has provided a dark and deadly chapter of divine destruction in the second story arc of God is Dead. ?The world has moved on from the second coming but as more returned gods attempt to destroy Gaia, a new and brutal wave of violence spreads across the land. ?And as the god-is-dead-12-iconicfinal god dies in the conflict so too does the hope for the world to recover from the End of Days.

This explosive chapter will surprise you and sets up Jonathan Hickman’s world of divine retribution made manifest to herald the return of one of the most beloved gods in recorded history. ?Find out what comic fans are talking about as this sacrilegious romp through mythology god-is-dead-12-wrapturns darker and darker. ?Each issue features the main God is Dead story and an all new backup feature also by series writer Mike Costa.

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