Max Brooks’ Vampires Don’t Sparkle

MaxBrooks1Much has been made about the wussification of vampires over the past decade thanks to movies like Twilight. ?But Max Brooks’ vampires in Extinction Parade?hearken ?back to a darker time when creatures of the night were beings of excess that lived off the suffering of others. ?In the upcoming release of Extinction Parade TP we visit the evolution of the vampire race and watch as they face the first crisis they can’t simply outlive.

ExtinctionParade-vol-1-tpbAs vampires learn to use their powers to do more than hunt hapless prey they must find ways to destroy zombies. ?Certainly a vampire is a match for fifty or a hundred shambling dead. ?But what about a million? ?Or even a billion? ?As the light of humanity sputters beneath seemingly infinite waves of walking dead, will vampires help to turn the tide or simply gorge themselves on the few remaining humans and usher in a planet of the dead? ?Master scribe and New York Times Bestselling author Max Brooks delivers a unique tale that is part dark horror and part biting social commentary that would give George Romero a run for his money.


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