Top 7 Shocking Crossed Moments

CrossedTPBGarth Ennis’ gruesome world of hedonistic murderers known as the Crossed has set the bar for extreme horror. ?Its no-holds-barred approach to the evil that humans are capable of seemingly knows no bounds. ?Each new author to step into the world brings a darkness with them that grows the misery of the Crossed to new proportions.

CrossedWYWHVol1TPBNow the discerning horror enthusiasts at Bloody Disgusting have highlighted the top 7 Most Shocking Crossed Moments. ?From the beginning of the Crossed Universe and through the many tales spun in the pages of Badlands and Wish you Were Here comes a list that will give you nightmares. ?You can find the full list of shocking moments here: ?-?

CrossedVol4TPBTo find out what Crossed is all about – visit your local comic book shop for a walk through the bloody trade paperback volumes. ?Or check out Amazon’s Crossed selection if you prefer online shopping: ?

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