Inside Max Brooks’ Extinction Parade

ExtinctionParade02pg25ExtinctionParade02pg24Max Brooks’ first chapter of his new Vampires vs. Zombies epic is collected into a horrifying trade paperback in this month’s issue of Previews. ?Fans of Brooks’ signature tales of intelligent horror have flocked to the Extinction Parade comic and are enjoying his unique vision for a world where the zombie plague has all but wiped out the human race. ?And as the last spark of life flickers, an ancient parasitic race steps from the shadows into the light of a new day. ?No longer insulated from worldly conflict and evolution, the vampire race must finally be ExtinctionParade02pg15ExtinctionParade02pg11pushed from its lofty perch above all and into the fray for their very survival.

This is a horror story like you’ve never encountered. ?Avatar Press provides this exclusive look at the art from the trade paperback as a way to prepare yourself for the upcoming collection.

Ask your local comics retailer to reserve a copy of the Extinction Parade Vol 1 Tp for you today. ?The collection is also available at Barnes & Noble booksellers and on Amazon at:?

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