Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 6/4/14

New Avatar Press new titles in comic shops Wednesday 6/4/14:

Caliban #3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? ?GARTH ENNIS has created a science fiction horror story caliban-3 (2)caliban-3-terror-1 (2)that grabs you and rips a black hole in your chest while reading. ?The crew of the Caliban is dying. ?When an alien ship melded with their vessel in hyperspace, it unleashed something long forgotten from the darkest and coldest corners of the universe. ?Creeping flesh, mutating fears, and paranoia pushed to the brink of sanity rule now. ?Garth Ennis delivers a modern day sci-fi masterpiece in the vein of Alien that tears you screaming from your safe place and leaves you naked before unimaginable horrors. ?Available with Regular, Wraparound, Terror, and Design Sketch Incentive covers by Facundo Percio and a ultra-limited Dark Matter edition of just 1500 copies.

To find a local comic shop – visit the Comic Shop Locator Service: ?http://www.comicshoplocator.com/Home/1/1/57/575


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