Caliban #3 Reveals the Horrors in Space

caliban-3-terror-1 (2)Garth Ennis’ Caliban is being hailed as the best new sci-fi horror comic of the year. ?Its unique mix of tension filled suspense and horror comes as close as you can get to capturing the mood of classic movies like Alien.

In this issue the remaining crew of the Caliban attempt to caliban-3 (2)discover the mystery behind the deaths popping up on the ship. ?But as they put the pieces together a frighting scenario of alien driven horrors is revealed to them. ?One by one the thing inside Kairen unleashes an unrelenting assault against the very nature of humanity. caliban-3-wrap (2)What is the happening to the wayward crewman and how can this abomination be stopped?

caliban-3-design-sketch (2)Join the thousands of readers that are experiencing the creeping dread of Caliban by picking up the first three issues at your local comic shop or buying digital editions at ComiXology.


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