The Final Chapter of Crossed Wish You Were Here

CrossedWYWHvol4TPBSimon Spurrier has created the impossible with Crossed: Wish You Were Here ?– a gripping, dramatic, horror filled long format story set in the devistating Crossed universe. ?Over the course of four chapters, the series has introduced us to a politically charged group of survivors that learn the hard way who they should trust and who they shouldn’t. ?We’ve come to know “Shaky” very well and he’s grown as a character from a piddling self absorbed writer at the outbreak of C-Day to one of the most conniving and CrossedWYWHvol4HCduplicitous men to survive in the this world of monsters. ?But finally…after entertaining readers online for a long time, the epic story of reckoning is coming to an end.

This final chapter will be on sale in August and is in the new June Previews. ?Check with your local comic shop to reserve a copy and to check out all the blood streaked Crossed trade paperback library volumes available.

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