San Diego Crossed Cosplay

One of the best things about San Diego Comic Con is enjoying all unique cosplay costumes you get to see. ?From the very creative to the amazingly imaginative, you can easily see all the hard work and effort these fans put into their craft.

And at every show Avatar attends there are a handful of Crossed running around causing mayhem and promoting the series they support. ?We met these great fans and cosplayers during the show and were inspired by their passion for horror.

If you have pictures you want to share of your Crossed or Avatar Press character cosplay, send them in to and we’ll post them up for all to see. ?Thanks for your support.

20140724_110135 20140724_110153 20140724_205349 20140724_205538 IMG_2877 IMG_6159 IMG_7406 IMG_8658

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