New Avatar Comics in Stores 8/6/14

New Avatar Press comics in stores this week on Wednesday 8/6/14:

Dicks End of Time #3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? GARTH ENNIS has made amusing readers the highest DicksEOT3-regDicksEOT3-classic-momentspriority as he and JOHN MCCREA send the Boys from Belfast on a trip through time! The Dicks are here to leave no insult unslung and no offence untaken as they gather artifacts through the ages trying to prevent the end of us all. Or, well, at least prevent a very bad day for a couple folks. Available with Regular, Offensive, and Classic Moment Incentive covers by McCrea.

Extinction Parade: War #2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? New York Times Bestselling Author, MAX BROOKS delivers a ExtinctionParadeWar2-regExtinctionParadeWar2-EndofSpeciesnew chapter in the horror event of the year! The vampire race has declared all-out war on the subdead zombie hordes. Now blood drinking aristocrats stand shoulder to shoulder as they wade into the wave after wave of shambling plague that has nearly wiped the human race from the Earth. But centuries of privilege have made the vampire race soft and dependent upon servants. With the realization that the end of humanity also means the end of vampires, they attempt to do what they have never as a race been able to accomplish – learn new ways to fight! Available with Regular, Wraparound, End of a Species, Leather, and Bloodwashed and Pure Art Retailer Order Incentive covers, all by series artist Raulo Caceres

God is Dead: Book of Acts Alpha

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? ?The greatest assembled team of writers unleash all-new god-is-dead-boa-alpha-iconictales god-is-dead-boa-alphaof Gods and men in the biggest event of the summer! Two giant-size issues could only be kicked off with the biggest writer in all of comics, ALAN MOORE, as he brings a tale only he could tell – when his personal God Glycon comes to Earth! Reunited with Facundo (Fashion Beast) Percio, Alan himself stars in a story about where Gods really get their power. Then SIMON SPURRIER redefines a lowly cherub into maybe the most destructive of all the Gods, one who knows how to use modern human weaknesses! And ongoing series scribe MIKE COSTA finally reveals the greatest mystery of the series – who actually killed God? The Alpha and the Omega, two epic tomes that you don’t want to miss! Available with lovely Regular, Iconic, and End of Days covers by series cover artist Jacen Burrows. Also a Carnage Wraparound by German Nobile and Divine and Pure Art Retailer Incentives by Burrows. You also don’t want to miss the Glycon Leather cover by Burrows or get everything at once with the Deluxe Collector Set!

Uber #16

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? KIERON GILLEN continues his tour-de-force masterpiece of uber-16-reguber-16-war-crimeswar! With the change in naval power, and new abilities unearthed, the arms race for better Ubers is on. With Sieglinde on the sidelines and recovering, the Nazi effort is having to change focus, with horrific results. Available with Regular, War Crimes, and Wraparound covers by Daniel Gete, Propaganda Poster cover by Michael Dipascale, and a special Blitzkrieg Incentive cover also by Gete.

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