Simon Spurrier Picked By Alan Moore to Continue Crossed +100

Crossed100n7-regularSimon Spurrier is no stranger to the world of Crossed.  His run on Crossed: Wish You Were Here and his many entries into the world of Crossed: Badlands make him one of the most well versed in that universe behind only its creator Garth Ennis.  Now, Alan Moore himself has hand selected Spurrier to pick up the reins on the Crossed +100 universe following his initial story arc beginning with issue #7.

Crossed100n7-WishfulFictionMoore has created a whole new universe which is accessible without any knowledge of the Crossed.  His world creation process includes hundreds of pages of notes and ideas about how the people and virus has evolved over the period of a century.  Now Spurrier will step in and take those notes to the next level by continuing the story.  Moore speaks of his selection process and why he chose Spurrier to step in:

Crossed100n7-HorrificHomage“Si Spurrier attacks a concept with a ferocity that’s unlike that of anybody else, cracking its bones to see what the marrow tastes like and delivering something startling, dreadful, funny and heartfelt; something visceral and smart and crackling with original ideas.

With his run on Crossed +100 he takes that skull-littered Crossed100n7-Wrapwilderness in a direction which is shocking, perfect, and one that I’d never have dreamed of in a hundred years. This, believe me, is going to be **** movie.”

Crossed +100 #7 is in the April issue of Previews for June on sale.  You can catch up with Spurrier at this weekend’s London Super Comic Con and get the lowdown on his efforts to take Crossed further into the future.

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