Avatar San Diego Comic Con Exclusives!

The biggest comic book event of the year is almost upon us and Avatar Press is celebrating San Diego Comic Con with some fantastic show exclusives:

Mercury Heat #1 SDCC: limited to 350 copies ($9.99) 

MERCURY-HEAT_01_SDCC-600x911For those who have been waiting impatiently for Kieron Gillen and Omar Francia’s newest created sci-fi epic Mercury Heat, as teased in the FCBD issue, you’ll be able to get the first issue of the series as a SDCC variant.


Providence #2 Weird Pulp: limited to 1000 copies ($9.99) 

Providence02-WeirdPulp-600x917Remember when issue #1 of the series was released as a Denver Comic Con variant? Well now you can complete a variant set of #1 and #2 of Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’new Lovecraft inspired tour de force Providence.


Uber #25 Brickhouse: limited to 350 copies ($9.99)

Uber25-Brickhouse-600x933Kieron Gillen is starring in many of these exclusives, so dig in. This time it’s Uber #25, limited to only 350 copies.


Crossed #75 School Day cover: limited to 350 copies ($9.99)

Crossed75-SchoolDay-600x927Kieron Gillen and Rafa Ortiz on Crossed #75, which initiated the Homo Tortor plotline taking us from the time of the outbreak far, far into human pre-history.


Make sure you stop by the Avatar Press booth #2701 to meet your favorite creators and snag these sure to be sold out exclusive comics!

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