Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 12/16/15

These are the new Avatar Press item coming to local comic shops on Wednesday 12/16/15:

Crossed +100 #12

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      The second arc of the Alan Moore developed Crossed future Crossed100n12-regexploration comes to a powerful conclusion.  Simon Spurrier has pushed Future Taylor and her friends to the brink of disaster as the Crossed plague once more begins to flourish.  Humanity barely survived its fracturing one Crossed100-12HorrificHomagehundred years ago and this newest outbreak could finish off the remnants of civilization once and for all.  Several special themed covers continue to enrich the series.


Crossed: Badlands #91

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Max Bemis starts and all-new Crossed91-Regarc of Crossed to tell another gripping story in the world of ultimate misery.After C-Day everything changed.Nothing was every normal again – not life, not family, and not survival. The majority of people who didn’t evolve with the new status quo were brutally Crossed91-Torturekilled or added to the ranks of psychopaths roaming the streets.  But what about a love story in this new world of hate? Available with Regular & Torture Covers by Christian Zanier, Wraparound Cover by Daniel Gete, C-Day Worldwide Cover by German Nobile, Art Deco Cover by Michael Dipascale, and Red Crossed Incentive Cover also by Zanier.

Ask your local comic shop retailer to reserve copies for you today!


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