Avatar Press New to ComiXology 1/13/16

These are the new Avatar Press digital items to arrive on ComiXology this Wednesday 1/13/16:

Crossed Wish You Were Here Vol 1 GN

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      A contagion-or a curse-has decimated the planet. Marked CrossedWYWHVol1TPBwith a bloody cross, the Infected are driven to indulge their sickest desires. In this world of psychos, savages, and sexual predators, the few remaining uninfected learn to keep moving: endlessly fleeing fate. This is the story of those who refused. Those who are too desperate, too angry, or too broken to hide from horror. It’s the story of a comic-book writer who witnessed the downfall of London, and now finds himself in the midst of a new community, a new start, on a barren island off the Scottish coast. Pretending, just for a while, that he’s safe, that he’s useful… that he has a future. It won’t last. There’s no sanctuary. No fighting back. No hope. There’s only the Crossed.


Freakangels Vol 3 GN

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       Twenty-three years ago, twelve strange children were born in freakangels_3England at exactly the same moment. Six year later, the world ended. Today, eleven strange 23-year-olds are living in and defending Whitechapel, maybe the last real settlement in flooded London. They’ve made a new friend, and together they successfully defended their home from raiders — but the post-apocalyptic drowned London that the eleven Freakangels survive in is never a safe place, and never surrounded by friends. In Freakangels Volume 3, the Freakangels begin to address how to build their community while a serial killer stalks in their midst. Everything almost comes crashing down around them as one of their own breaks their most valued rule.

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