Simon Spurrier Takes Crossed +100 5 Years Ahead

Crossed100n13-RegularIn the first issue of the third arc of Crossed +100 (#13), author Simon Spurrier takes our intrepid hero Future Taylor five years forward into the future.  No…we didn’t rename it Crossed +105 but we do have a story that takes the already strange and terrifying world of tomorrow and further intensifies the growing Crossed tide of evolution.  Spurrier has seamlessly stepped into the footsteps of Alan Moore and has taken the amazing world he built in Crossed100n13-Disasteredfrightening directions.  Now as we cross the threshold of the future, you can only imagine what new horrors await the remnants of humanity as the Crossed Nation begins to expand.

If you are looking for something wholly different from the other comics being published today, try out Crossed +100.  From the genius mind of Alan Moore you’ll discover new visions of what tomorrow could look like and learn a new way of speaking with a language all its own.  Ask your local retailer to reserve a copy of Crossed +100 #13 for you today!

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