4 Days Left to Get a Ticket to Cinema Purgatorio on Kickstarter

8d3e4fab5bb815da7410c2c015c3de44_originalAlan Moore’s groundbreaking anthology has set the Kickstarter world on fire.  Avatar Press has brought together some of the biggest names in comics to contribute to a one of a kind anthology under masterful direction of the legendary Watchmen scribe.

The anthology includes stories by Kieron Gillen, Christos 7f939f6c20e1a7e35cd13ce1aa8d8e76_originalGage, Max Brooks, and Garth Ennis in addition to the lead title by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill.  Nowhere in all of comics can you find this kind of powerhouse line up all dedicated to supplying the most innovative horror stories being published.  The Kickstarter has introduced fans to a very special new series with a number of exclusive reward levels that fit all budgets.

With only four days left to get in on the fun, please take a few minutes this weekend to visit the project page here on Kickstarter and see what everyone is talking about:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/avatarpress/alan-moores-cinema-purgatorio

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