Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 2/24/16

This is the new Avatar Press item arriving at local comic shops on Wednesday 2/24/16:

Crossed Vol 15 TPB

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Comics horror veteran Mike Wolfer writes and illustrates a CrossedVol15-TPBpowerful new chapter in the Crossed saga! After admitting two women into their defensible stronghold atop a collapsed bridge, an uneasy alliance of survivors discovers just how the women successfully navigated through the horrors on the ground below. They followed the advice of their “bible,” a best-selling, “survival guide” novel. Fiction or not, the book could be the answer to saving all of their lives in the wasteland ruled by the maniacal Crossed. But trust in the uninfected can be more dangerous than the violent urges of the Crossed themselves. There is no help, there is no hope. There is only the Crossed. This volume collects issues #81 – 86 of the ongoing Crossed: Badlands series.

Ask your local comic shop retailer to reserve copies for you today!


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