Diving Into Gravel Combat Magician

GravelWarren Ellis created an unforgettable character in the form of William Gravel.  This tough as nails soldier also happens to be a powerful combat magician.  The series is both incredibly bloody and has exceptional supernatural horror making a one of a kind read.  Ellis collaborated with long time horror artist Mike Wolfer to illustrate the gritty adventures of this grim soldier.  And over the course of a dozen series, the chronicles have become essential reading for anyone who is missing comics like Preacher and The Authority.

The best starting place is the amazing limited edition hardcover Gravel Never A Dull Day which collects his earliest adventures including:  Strange Kiss, Stranger Kisses, Strange Killings, Strange Killings The Body Orchard, Strange Killings Strong Medicine, and Strange Killings Necromancer.  It is available at your local comic shop or online at comcav.net for order.


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