Crossed: Badlands #100 is Here!

CrossedB100-regIt is the end of an era of uncensored horror.  Crossed: Badlands #100 is in comic shops today and the final issue of this landmark series delivers the conclusion of Christos Gage’s epic Smokey trilogy.  Stop by your local store today to see how the Alpha Crossed’s tale ends.

CrossedB100-CenturyFairyTaleAFor years Crossed: Badlands has presented some of the most visceral storytelling in all of comics.  That incredible run is coming to an end.  But it is not the end for Crossed.  Garth Ennis’ masterpiece will continue on with soon to be announced new projects.  For everyone who has enjoyed unflinchingly haunting horror stories in the Crossed universe, stay tuned.  New nightmares are coming…

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