Penultimate Issue of Crossed +100 Arrives

crossed_plus_100-17_cover-regularWe are nearing the end of the road for the visionary future series designed by Alan Moore.  Crossed +100 #17 arrived in stores this week and Future Taylor’s story is rumbling to an epic conclusion.  From the beginning Crossed fans have known there was something special about this series.  From the evolution of language to its own unique version to the Crossed100-17WishfulFictionvery evolution of the Crossed as a species, Alan Moore has painstakingly set up a universe where everything is not as it seems.

Crossed Wish You Were Here scribe Simon Spurrier picked up the reins after the initial chapter and took the story to unforeseen horrors.  The end result has been a truly unpredictable masterpiece of terror that will leave a lasting impression upon all who read it.  Be sure to check with your local comic shop to follow the final issues of this groundbreaking series to the bitter end.

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