Avatar’s Feast of Fear

chroniclesWormwoodTPBContinuing our theme of horror stories to read over the holidays, today we turn to another under appreciated Garth Ennis masterpiece.  The Chronicles of Wormwood are essential reading for Preacher fans.  This series about the returned Anti-Christ Chronicles of Wormwoodis everything you would hope it would be.  It is riotously irreverent and the horror is deep rooted in religious beliefs.  Volume One is illustrated by Jacen Burrows, who also brought to life the original Crossed series and currently Alan Moore’s masterpiece Providence.

If you are missing Preacher on TV or simply want to read more of Ennis at his very best, make sure you check with your local comic shop, Amazon, or on ComCav.net to find copies of the Chronicles of Wormwood TPBs.



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