Avatar for the Holidays

Night of the Living Dead Vol 2 - 9781592911226 - JPEG2As everyone focuses their energy on the rapidly approaching holidays, thoughts turn to family and friends.  At Avatar our attention turns to zombies!  Specifically the creatures in Night of the Living Dead Vol 2 Trade Paperback in which horror Maestro Mike Wolfer presented the classic “Do Not Open 1540647-night_of_the_living_dead_holiday_special_1Until Christmas” story in the world of the Living Dead.

Fans of real intestine munching zombie fiction will want to enjoy this holiday stocking full of horror.  If you like a little more undead in your zombie stories, be sure to check with your local comic shop or Amazon to get this fantastic seasonal classic.  I mean where else will you find a zombie Santa stalking the living this season?  Only here with Avatar Press and Night of the Living Dead!

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