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Antony Johnston

Widely regarded as one of comics' rising stars and having garnered praise for his comics work from the likes of Alan Moore and Warren Ellis, Antony Johnston is the award-winning author of Frightening Curves, Rosemary's Backpack and Three Days in Europe. This young British writer is currently blazing a trail through comics, defying labels and conventions with exciting work in a wide variety of genres and styles.

For Avatar, Johnston has written the sequential adaptations of Alan Moore's The Courtyard, illustrated by Jacen Burrows, and Alan Moore's Another Suburban Romance illustrated by Juan Jose Ryp, and a variety of shorts for Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures. Johnston also contributed an article in collaboration with Moore to Alan Moore's Magic Words. Upcoming Avatar work includes further adaptations of Alan Moore work, and Night Radio, an anthology series edited by Warren Ellis, and Nightjar, a horror tale based on characters and concepts created by Alan Moore and Bryan Talbot."


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Vivid Girls Volume 1 Spellbound by Johnston and Ryp  

The site has been updated with pages from the Vivid Girls Volume 1 Spellbound story by Antony Johnston and Juan Jose Ryp and featuring Jenna Jameson and Tawny Roberts. Vivid Girls Volume 1 is a high quality, large-format adult graphic novel featuring the Vivid Girls of Vivid Video fame. Vivid Girls Volume 1 is available now at a comic shop near you, or order online from our direct sales agent.
[ posted Saturday, January 29, 2005 10:50:29 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Yuggoth Creatures #3 cover by Ryp  

The incomparable Juan Jose Ryp provides us with another spectacular cover for Yuggoth Creatures #3, color by Greg Waller. Written by Antony Johnston and drawn by Ryp, Jacen Burrows, Mike Wolfer, Sebastian Fiumara, Dheeraj Verma, Matt Martin, and more of the most fearsome artists in independent comics, the first issue of Yuggoth Creatures will be in stores in a few weeks, and issue #3 is a September solicited release - more details are forthcoming on this and our other September releases.
[ posted Friday, June 18, 2004 10:26:36 AM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Nightjar 2 Tarot cover by Max Fiumara  

0New today in the Nightjar section is the Nightjar #2 Tarot cover, artwork by Max Fiumara, color by Greg Waller. Nightjar #2 will be in stores shortly, the Nightjar #2 Tarot cover is an August solicitation, available for preorder in stores and online now.
[ posted Tuesday, June 08, 2004 9:21:29 AM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Yuggoth Creatures #2 cover by Ryp  

The Yuggoth Creatures section has a look at Juan Jose Ryp's spectacular wraparound cover for issue #2 of that series. Cover color by Greg Waller of Nimbus Studios. For those of you curious about Ryp due to Warren Ellis' recent Apparat announcement, this is a great example of his work.

 First there was Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures, now Antony Johnston carries on the Lovecraftian spirit with Yuggoth Creatures! Continuing the incredible memoirs of Anders Ericsson, from Arkham's
notorious Miskatonic University! The second volume of the Professor's memoirs take him on a roller coaster ride through the Lovecraft Mythos, as he pieces together the secret history of the universe...and mankind's approaching doom! From Great Cthulhu himself to the return of the Fungi from Yuggoth, will Ericsson's adventures be the key to saving the world? Or will he spend the rest of his life locked up in a madhouse? Six all-new Mythos stories from the pen of Antony Johnston are illustrated by an awesome collection of today's hottest artists, including Juan Jose Ryp, Jacen Burrows, Sebastian Fiumara, Dheeraj Verma and more.

[ posted Monday, May 17, 2004 12:24:21 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Yuggoth Creatures interior art by Burrows, Wolfer, Martin  

Gearing up for the next issue of Previews coming out in a few days, here's a look at interior pages from the first issue of Yuggoth Creatures, a new journey through the Lovecraft Mythos written by Antony Johnston (Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures) with artwork by Jacen Burrows, Mike Wolfer, Matt Martin, Juan Jose Ryp, and Sebastian Fiumara.
[ posted Monday, April 19, 2004 1:11:53 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Yuggoth Creatures #1 wrap cover by Ryp  

Juan Jose Ryp provides the wraparound cover for Yuggoth Creatures #1, the Lovecraftian tome of monsters and madness written by Antony Johnston (Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures, The Courtyard) and drawn by the most fearsome collection of artists in indy comics, including Ryp (Frank Miller's Robocop), Mike Wolfer (Warren Ellis' Strange Killings), Sebastian Fiumara (Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool), Matt Martin (Snowman), and Jacen Burrows (Warren Ellis' Scars). Yuggoth Creatures #1 will be a July release, available for order in the next issue of Previews.
[ posted Wednesday, April 14, 2004 9:19:14 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Yuggoth Creatures Shamble Forth in July  

Rich Johnston of Holed Up ( and internet column Lying in the Gutters fame broke the news this past Monday. Antony Johnston is teaming up with a fearsome array of the best artists on the indy scene -- Mike Wolfer (Warren Ellis' Strange Killings), Juan Jose Ryp (Frank Miller's Robocop, Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures), Jacen Burrows (Warren Ellis' Scars), Sebastian Fiumara (Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool) and Matt Martin (Snowman) to bring this monstrous Lovecraftian creation to life. Here's the blurb:

First there was Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures, now Antony Johnston carries on the Lovecraftian spirit with Yuggoth Creatures! Read the incredible memoirs of Anders Ericsson, Professor of Anthropology at the notorious Miskatonic University in Arkham! Join the Professor as he starts an amazing journey through the Lovecraft mythos, from the queer inhabitants of New Surrey to disaster on the ocean at the hands of unseen forces, and the mysterious Dagon... Can he stay sane in the face of the universe's secret history? Six all-new Lovecraft Mythos stories from the pen of Antony Johnston are illustrated by an awesome collection of today's hottest artists, including Juan Jose Ryp, Jacen Burrows, Matt Martin, Mike Wolfer, Sebastian Fiumara and more!

Get a glimpse of the cover from issue one at We'll have more artwork for this series up shortly.
[ posted Thursday, April 08, 2004 10:51:39 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Nightjar #1 Flies onto Shelves  

This week's comic shipment includes NIGHTJAR #1 from Avatar Press, the first in a new series continuing the story started by Alan Moore and Bryan Talbot over twenty years ago! Written by Moore collaborator Antony Johnston and hot new artist Max Fiumara, NIGHTJAR #1 picks up where Moore and Talbot's opening story (seen for the first time in 2003's YUGGOTH CULTURES) left off.

NIGHTJAR is the story of Mirrigan Demdyke, member of an elite class of magicians, known as Birds. Eighteen years ago, Mirrigan watched her father's heart explode in their back yard. That was fair, because Mirrigans father was Emperor Of All The Birds, the most powerful sorcerer in Britain, and that's how they arrange their successions.

But on her deathbed, Mirrigan's grandmother reveals a secret - her father wasn't killed by one sorcerer. He was killed by seven, combining their powers into one massive attack. And that's just not fair.

Mirrigan's grandmother charges the young Bird with an oath to make the seven conspirators pay for their treachery. But the cabal is much older, wiser and more powerful than Mirrigan - and they have plans of their own for the new Nightjar...

Commenting on the debut issue, Antony Johnston said:

"This first episode sets up the ongoing NIGHTJAR saga, and introduces us to some new characters who will each play a part in Mirrigan's story. Though whether to help, or hinder, remains to be seen.

"One thing made quite clear in this first story is that Mirrigan's in no rush. NIGHTJAR is a tale of revenge and magic, but it's also rooted in history - especially the history of Mirrigan's family - and she simply doesn't realise that yet.

"So the day after learning her father was killed unjustly, after she swore revenge on his killers and after she saw her grandmother explode before her very eyes, Mirrigan does something quite unexpected. She pays a visit to her old hippy friend Brian, to say goodbye before she leaves. Because Mirrigan was raised to believe that yes, she has power, and a very special gift... But that being a decent human being is more important than any amount of magic.

"The problem is, those same principles got her father slaughtered nearly twenty years ago. And the people she's fighting against have no such compassion or distractions.

"So if Mirrigan won't come to the game - choosing instead to spend some quality time with Brian, assuming she won't see him again for a month or two - Eric Blason, leader of the seven conspirators and the new Emperor Of All The Birds, will just bring the game to her. And her friends."

Check out a preview of a few pages from Nightjar #1, plus several covers from the series, at

Nightjar #1 is in stores beginning Wednesday, March 31.  Please ask for it at your local comic book retailer, and while you're there, ask him to be sure to reserve copies of issues #2-4 and the Nightjar: Hollow Bones Special as well.  Please support your local retailers, but if you can't get it locally, they are available from our direct sales agent at:

[ posted Wednesday, March 31, 2004 8:59:26 AM  |  permanent link to this item ]

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