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Mike Wolfer

One of the most highly-regarded creators on the indy comics horror scene, writer/artist Mike Wolfer entered the field in 1987 with his giant-monster saga Daikazu, under his own Ground Zero Comics banner.

Wolfer launched his best-known creation Widow around 1991 and the adventures of the genetically altered woman-spider have showcased his trademark character-driven blend of drama, horror, science fiction, and erotica ever since. Wolfer has also done work for Chaos!, London Night, and Dark Horse.

At Avatar Press, Wolfer has done a number of Widow mini series plus the 14-issue Widow X which collects and expands the entire pre-Avatar Widow saga. His erotic horror character Rag Doll has run in the pages of Avatar's adult anthology Raw Media, and he has also worked on indy goth-girl staple Razor at Avatar, both in collaboration with David Quinn (Faust) and in his own written and drawn serial in Avatar's Threshold anthology.

Landmark Warren Ellis creations Strange Kiss and Stranger Kisses were both drawn by Wolfer, and the pair are working together again on the Strange Killings saga.


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Get more info and artwork on the upcoming horror series plus an interview with creator Mike Wolfer in this CBR article on Witchman.

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The July Avatar Press Newsletter went out last week, and those subscribed to that list got the inside word on a number of upcoming projects. Brian Pulido, Mike Wolfer, Juan Jose Ryp, and Daniel HDR commented on what's in store for September in the Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre mini-series. Some major October horror launches were also revealed, including Jason X, Species, and Escape of the Living Dead. If you didn't get the email, you can see what you missed in the July Avatar Press Newsletter, and you can also subscribe while you're there so you'll be sure to get the word next time around.
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There are numerous updates gallery updates around the site today, including the Lady Death, Stargate Atlantis, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Nightmare on Elm Street sections.
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Ellis, Wolfer, and Waller bring us the cover for the final chapter in Warren Ellis' Strange Killings: Necromancer saga. Issues #1 and #2 of this series are in stores now. Issue #5 will be an August release. More details on our August releases here soon.

Warren Ellis' STRANGE KILLINGS: Necromancer #5
Retail Price: $3.50 US
Cover: Mike Wolfer
Story: Warren Ellis
Art: Mike Wolfer
Readership: Mature Readers
Format: B&W, 32 pages, monthly 5 of 6

The action heats up in the penultimate issue of Ellis' and Wolfer's latest brutal series featuring combat magician William Gravel! Trapped with an innocent reporter in the jungles of the Philippines, Gravel has figured out the secret of the island and why the British government wants it kept hidden from the rest of the world. But that won't help him fight the zombie horde that is closing in on him and the woman who means more to him than he will admit.
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Warren Ellis' Strange Killings: Strong Medicine is coming to trade paperback in July, and we've got some  finished pages and other art from the saga online:

Ellis and Wolfer return for a new volume of the adventures of Combat Magician William Gravel and unleash a saga full of bad juju. Gravel finally escapes his deniable ops in the USA and is able to return to his home in London. But before he can even settle in, he gets sucked into a horrific child mutilation investigation. Because this child was killed in a very specific way, it was a muti killing designed to bring powerful magic to someone. And if Gravel can't stop him, many more children will die to create a black magician with very strong medicine.

"Strong Medicine is an old-fashioned occult detective story based on an actual unsolved case: a boy's torso washed up on the banks of the Thames, bearing the hallmarks of a ritual death for the purpose of muti -- African shamanic medicine," says creator Warren Ellis. "In a London already unusually charged with racial tension, combat magician William Gravel is blackmailed into solving the crime before it triggers off mass violence."

Strange Killings is the story of Sergeant Major William Gravel, a brilliant soldier of Britain's SAS -- and a combat magician. Placed on "K" duty  -- deniable operations -- when he's found to be taking unofficial black market jobs for money due to mysterious personal reasons, Gravel is plunged into the dirty life of a secret black-ops world. Still, with his power Gravel could probably change the world if he was capable of actually getting his life together. Instead, he's constantly involved in other people's lives and dirty secrets, running headlong towards the day when he hits something he can't escape from, shoot, or wish away.
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Gearing up for the next issue of Previews coming out in a few days, here's a look at interior pages from the first issue of Yuggoth Creatures, a new journey through the Lovecraft Mythos written by Antony Johnston (Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures) with artwork by Jacen Burrows, Mike Wolfer, Matt Martin, Juan Jose Ryp, and Sebastian Fiumara.
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The first issue of the new William Gravel saga, Warren Ellis' Strange Killings: Necromancer came out last week, so let's catch up with some finished, lettered preview art from this issue by Mike Wolfer. This issue is still on the stands or available to your local retailer for reorder, so be sure to ask your store for a copy. Issue 2 will be out in a few weeks.
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This week at starts off with an update from Mike Wolfer in the Warren Ellis' Strange Killings section with this piece for the cover of Warren Ellis' Strange Killings: Necromancer #2 by Wolfer and colorist Greg Waller.
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