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Steven Grant

Part of the mid-70's CPL fanzine scene that included the likes of John Byrne, Bob Layton, and Roger Stern among others, Steven Grant entered the field professionally around 1978 with work for the Warren Magazines and Marvel, and has since become one of comics' best writers with an impressive range of work from a variety of publishers.

That range includes titles such as Whisper (Capital/First), Badlands (Dark Horse), Grifter (Wildstorm), Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (DC), and X-Man (Marvel) among others. Grant's collaboration with artist Mike Zeck on the original Punisher mini-series became a pivotal work for Marvel and was an important part of the mid-80's comics renaissance which included works such as Miller's Dark Knight, Moore and Gibbons' Watchmen, and Grell's Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters.

With Avatar Press, Grant has created and written the crime/horror comic saga Mortal Souls, is contributing the sequential adaptation on Frank Miller's Robocop, and has another upcoming project called My Flesh is Cool beginning in December 2003.


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Robocop: Killing Machine cover by Juan Jose Ryp  

Here's our first close look at the cover for our new Robocop one-shot, the Robocop: Killing Machine Special. Cover by Juan Jose Ryp, story by Steven Grant, art by Anderson Ricardo, color by Greg Waller. The Robocop: Killing Machine Special is an August release.

 This special one shot introduces the new creative team of Steven Grant, no stranger to Robocop as he adapted Frank Miller's series, and artist Anderson Ricardo. This full color one shot book contains an all-new Robocop story as well as sneak-peak at the next upcoming Robocop epic! A bored rich kid gets his kicks hacking into what's left of the Detroit grid, triggering random power failures and screwing up transit, causing various tensions that Murphy and Lewis have to cope with to maintain public order. Thwarted by Robocop, the hacker tries to hack into Robocop's systems, but finds something else instead in the depths of OCP's computer system, still online in the wake of the company's collapse. It's the next step up from Robocop: a prototype robo-soldier, literally a killing machine, that never received a human brain. But the hacker provides the brain by remote, sending the Killing Machine out into Detroit to find and destroy Robocop. To his surprise, the robotic systems dominate and the Killing Machine has its own program: total annihilation!
[ posted Friday, May 14, 2004 10:19:40 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool  

The first issue of Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool is coming out the week of February 4, and the buzz has continued to build on this highly anticipated series, most recently among those who have seen a pre-release copy of the first book of this noir thriller, with its one-two punch of masterfully crafted Steven Grant writing and atmospheric Sebastian Fiumara artwork. It's not too late to get your store to get this saga for you, so ask them to order a copy for you and get in on what is shaping up to be one of the break-out books of 2004.
[ posted Monday, January 26, 2004 6:22:55 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Vivid Comix at Adult Entertainment Expo this week  

Meet Vivid Comix editor William Christensen and writer Steven Grant and check out material from upcoming Vivid Comix releases this week in Las Vegas at the Adult Entertainment Expo, which runs Jan 8-11. Vivid Comix will have a section at the Vivid Entertainment booth. Several of the Vivid Girls who star in Vivid Comix adventures will also be on hand to sign autographs and pose for pics with lucky fans at AEE, including Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks, Sunrise Adams, Savanna Samson, Mercedez, Kira Kener and Tawny Roberts. For more information on Vivid's AEE plans, see their press release. For more information on the Adult Entertainment Expo, see the AEE website.
[ posted Monday, January 05, 2004 8:57:51 AM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool #3 cover by Burrows  

Another in a series of spectacular covers by Jacen Burrows makes its way into the Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool section tonite. And be sure to check out the interior art by rising star Sebastian Fiumara if you haven't already.
[ posted Monday, October 20, 2003 10:37:29 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Frank Miller's Robo #7 cover by Juan Jose Ryp  

We're back with more Juan Jose Ryp, this time it's the wraparound cover for Frank Miller's Robocop #7, colored by Nimbus Studios. Issue #3 of that critically acclaimed saga by Miller, Grant, Ryp, and Nimbus will be in stores soon.
[ posted Monday, October 20, 2003 6:09:42 AM  |  permanent link to this item ]

My Flesh is Cool #2 cover by Jacen Burrows  

We round out the week with the cover of Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool #2 by Jacen Burrows, combat colors by Nimbus Studios. Issue #2 will be solicited as a January release, and there's still time to tell your local comic book retailer to get you the first issue of this eagerly-anticipated Steven Grant saga as well.
[ posted Thursday, October 09, 2003 11:54:32 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool interior art & essay  

Big update in the Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool section today -- a sampling of the powerful, moody interior artwork of Sebastian Fiumara, plus an essay from Grant about the development of the series. A sampling:

I'm not sure how far back to trace the evolution of MY FLESH IS COOL. Certainly it goes back at least as far as 1978, when I heard the British rock band Ultravox sing "Artificial Life," containing the following verse:

"So we drink and sink and talk and stalk
with interchangeable enemies and friends
trying on each other's skins
while we dying to be born again"

That image always stuck with me. The band used it metaphorically; I made the jump to a literal interpretation. That's the "line between the dots" thing I was talking about. It took years, but the idea slowly formed and festered in my head and became something else: what if you could jump into someone else's body, do whatever you wanted, then leave without a trace and without any risk of blame or punishment for what you did there, because no one would ever know it was you and not the person whose body you wore? (...more in the My Flesh is Cool section)
[ posted Friday, September 26, 2003 10:56:54 AM  |  permanent link to this item ]

My Flesh is Cool cover by Jacen Burrows  

Jacen Burrows helps us kick off our week once again with his wraparound cover for Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool #1. Color on the piece by Nimbus Studios. The eagerly anticipated series from Steven Grant is set to debut in December, and will be available for preorder in the upcoming edition of Previews which is in stores this Wednesday, Sept. 24.
[ posted Sunday, September 21, 2003 8:08:59 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool cover by Jacen Burrows  

The Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool section gets a new entry with this cover by Jacen Burrows for issue #1, which will be solicited for a December release -- solicitations for the issue are shown below. The rest of December solicits from Avatar is brimming with great comics, including work by Steven Grant, Mark Millar, Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Antony Johnston, Joe R. Lansdale, Chris Golden, Juan Jose Ryp, Jacen Burrows, Jeremy Rock, Sebastian Fiumara, Andres Guinaldo, Anthony Williams, Nimbus Studios, and many others.

Steven Grant's MY FLESH IS COOL #1
Retail Price: $3.50 US
Cover: Jacen Burrows
Story: Steven Grant
Art: Sebastian Fiumara
Readership: Mature Readers
Format: B&W, 32 pages, monthly 1 of 3

Steven Grant finally unleashes his sci-fi / crime masterwork that has been two years in the making. Those who know him think Evan Knox nothing more than a charming slacker. But most who meet him don't know it and don't live to talk about it: he's also an unseen, unstoppable contract killer, fulfilling hits from the safety of other people's bodies. How? His secret will rock civilization, and someone's after it. Betrayed by the last person he'd expect, how can Evan save the world when he can't even save himself? This series defies all categorization with more sudden plot twists that you can imagine, and illustrated by stunning newcomer Sebastian Fiumara.
[ posted Thursday, September 04, 2003 11:13:52 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

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