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Mark Millar's The Unfunnies

Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool

Joe R. Lansdale's The Drive-In

Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures

Frank Miller's Robocop

Stargate SG-1

Warren Ellis' Strange Killings: Strong Medicine

Alan Moore's Writing for Comics

Alan Moore's A Small Killing

Alan Moore's Another Suburban Romance

Alan Moore's The Courtyard

Alan Moore's Magic Words

Joe R. Lansdale and Tim Truman's Dead Folks

Warren Ellis' Scars

Warren Ellis' Strange Killings

Warren Ellis' Bad Signal

Warren Ellis' Bad World

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Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Dicks

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Garth Ennis

The award-winning creator of legendary DC/Vertigo title Preacher, Garth Ennis is considered one of the best writers in comics. Beginning with work in 2000 AD companion magazine Crisis and in 2000 AD itself around 1988, his brilliant eye for characterization and an unflinching ability to tackle any subject matter with equal skill has earned him a place as one of the most influential creators in comics.

Ennis took on long-running DC/Vertigo title Hellblazer in 1991 and under his tenure the comic stood alongside Gaiman's Sandman as DC/Vertigo's best series. But his 1996 launch Preacher was to prove an even better showcase for Ennis' unique talent. A compelling cast of characters in an eyes-wide-open drama unafraid to explore any subject quickly made Preacher one of the most important and controversial titles of the past decade. Ennis has written a number of other projects for DC, including Demon and Hitman, titles like Punisher for Marvel, and a handful of titles from other publishers such as Top Cow's The Darkness and Just a Pilgrim from Black Bull.

At Avatar Press, Ennis worked with John McCrea on the return and expansion of their irreverent private eye classic Dicks, called... Bigger Dicks, and its sequal Dicks 2. Coming next from Ennis at Avatar is his new creator-owned saga 303, with artwork by Jacen Burrows.


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Avatar News & Updates

Garth Ennis' 303 cover by Jacen Burrows now features the cover of Garth Ennis' 303 #3, artwork by Jacen Burrows, color by Greg Waller. Issue #3 of Garth Ennis' 303 will be a December release. The series will begin soon available from a store near you.
[ posted Monday, September 13, 2004 7:16:11 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Garth Ennis' 303 #2 cover by Burrows  

The Garth Ennis' 303 #2 regular edition cover has been added to the 303 section. Cover artwork by Jacen Burrows, color by Greg Waller. Garth Ennis' 303 #2 is a November solicited release from Avatar Press.
[ posted Saturday, August 28, 2004 10:06:04 AM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Garth Ennis' 303 #2 cover by Burrows  

The Garth Ennis' 303 section has a look at the wrap cover for issue two of that eagerly-anticipated full-color mini-series. Story by Ennis, artwork by Jacen Burrows, color by Greg Waller. Both Burrows and Waller will be on hand at the Avatar booth at Wizardworld Chicago this weekend to talk 303 and other Avatar projects. A major new creator-owned series from Garth Ennis, 303 begins in October from Avatar Press.
[ posted Monday, August 09, 2004 8:01:33 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Garth Ennis' 303 preview pages from Ennis, Burrows, Waller  

Big update in the Garth Ennis' 303 section tonite including the cover and several finished interior pages from issue one, a pair of pages from issue two, and a brief introduction to the series from Garth himself. Written by Ennis, artwork by Jacen Burrows, color by Greg Waller. Garth Ennis' 303 begins in October from Avatar Press and is available for preorder right now at a comic shop near you. Be sure to let your retailer know you want to get this major new creator-owned series from the creator of Preacher!
[ posted Friday, July 23, 2004 10:27:03 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Garth Ennis' 303 preview cover by Jacen Burrows  

Big news hitting the rumor circuit and message boards this week... Avatar is publishing a major new creator-owned mini-series from Garth Ennis called 303. Artwork for the series provided by superstar artist Jacen Burrows (Alan Moore's The Courtyard, Warren Ellis' Scars), and this is a full color series with color provided by Greg Waller (Frank Miller's Robocop). You can get an advance look at 303 in a 99 cent color preview edition from Avatar in May.


Garth Ennis' 303 Preview
Retail Price: $0.99 US
Cover: Jacen Burrows
Story: Garth Ennis
Art: Jacen Burrows
Readership: Mature Readers
Format: Color, 12 pages

Garth Ennis is unleashed on his first major creator-owned series in years! Ennis and red-hot artist Jacen Burrows are going to blow the doors off summer 2004 with this full-color six issue action-packed epic from the twisted mind of Ennis! A very hard man leads the Russian special forces team that is investigating a downed plane in Afghanistan. But when British and US forces also get thrown in the mix, tension turns to carnage as the whole mission goes sideways. Then Ennis really lets loose. This special preview gives you a teaser of what is sure to be one of the most talked-about series of the year.
[ posted Friday, February 20, 2004 1:47:27 AM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Dicks X-Mas Special  

Garth Ennis and John McCrea are back... and so are Dougie and Ivor! Imagine Ennis and McCrea unleashed on the holidays. You may never think of Christmas the same again. Tis the friggin' season! Check it out in the Dicks section.


Ennis & McCrea's DICKS X-MAS SPECIAL #1
Retail Price: $3.50 US
Cover: John McCrea
Story: Garth Ennis
Art: John McCrea
Readership: Mature Readers
Format: B&W, 32 pages, one shot

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Season's Greetings from those sick perverts, Garth and John! Everything that is holy about the wondrous season get skewered right here, as only those demented bollackses from Belfast could whip up. It just wouldn't be Christmas without Dougie and Ivor messing things up somehow. The AntiChrist? We've got 'em. Small holy children being killed in unique ways? Yep. Hitler, Satan and horny dogs? All right here. Plus you don't want to miss the spectacular return of the original whore with a heart of gold, Trio! So if you want to burn in the pits of Hell along with the rest of us laughing sinners, don't miss this X-Mas extravaganza! Also available with a spectactularly offensive cover. Honestly, it is just wrong and it shouldn't have been drawn, but if you have to see what Satan does for the holidays, now you can get it!
[ posted Sunday, August 10, 2003 9:03:10 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Ennis and McCrea's Dicks  

The section for Garth Ennis and John McCrea's irreverent private-eyes-turned-rock-stars Dicks saga has a couple new pics added, including McCrea's condom edition cover for issue 1 and a glimpse at one of the most notorious promotional items on the convention circuit and in stores over the past year.

Avatar recently released the Dicks trade paperback collecting the original Dicks series (plus added material from the Bigger Dicks series, and the all-new Dicktionary), and for September we'll be offering that Dicks 2 #1 condom edition cover again, as well as a set of the entire Dicks 2 series for those that missed it the first time around.

Ennis calls the Dicks his favorite characters of any he's ever created or written. And that's really saying something. Grab the Dicks trade and the Dicks 2 issues to find out what the buzz is about.
[ posted Wednesday, June 04, 2003 9:39:39 PM  |  permanent link to this item ]

Site Update: Alan Moore's Magic Words, Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Dicks   A couple of new sections on tap at the site today, including Alan Moore's Magic Words and Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Dicks.  We've also made it easier to find the latest information on your favorite titles with those links at the left side of the page.  There's been a lot added in recent weeks, so be sure to check out what's going on with your favorite creators at Avatar Press.
[ posted Tuesday, December 10, 2002 11:00:53 AM  |  permanent link to this item ]

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