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Read a welcome to our Free Comic Book Day reader here.

Frank Miller's Robocop, plus Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis in Free Comic Book Day from Avatar

Avatar Press is pleased to announce that its participation in Free Comic Book Day 2003 will include work from Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Steven Grant, Antony Johnston, Jacen Burrows, Juan Jose Ryp, Mike Wolfer, and more. Frank Miller's Robocop / Stargate SG1 will be a 32 page full color comic at the FCBD gold sponsorship level, and the Avatar Graphic Novel Sampler will be a 32 page black & white comic at the FCBD silver sponsorship level. Both comics will be available free from retailers participating in Free Comic Book Day 2003.

Free Comic Book Day is a single day when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world are giving away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their stores. Now entering its second year after a very successful debut in 2002, the event takes place on May 3 in 2003.

"Free Comic Book Day has quickly become one of the premiere events for our industry's retailers, creators, and publishers to work toward bringing new audiences to comics," says Avatar Press editor in chief William Christensen. "I'm proud to be contributing to that effort by helping to put work from the very best creators in comics in the hands of a new readership. Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, and Steven Grant are acknowledged masters of the medium. Jacen Burrows, Antony Johnston, Juan Jose Ryp, Mike Wolfer and the other creators involved in this event at Avatar are some of our industry's rising stars. With material from creators like these, Avatar hopes to work with Diamond and the retail community to build new audiences by showing them the best of what comic books have to offer."

Details on Avatar's FCBD offerings Frank Miller's Robocop / Stargate SG-1 FCBD edition and the Avatar Graphic Novel Sampler are as follows:

Frank Miller's ROBOCOP / STARGATE SG-1 FCBD Edition
MSRP: Free
Cover: Matt Busch
By: Frank Miller, Juan Jose Ryp, Renato Guedes
Format: Color, 32 pages
Sponsorship level: GOLD

At long last, Frank Miller's Robocop finally sees the light of day! Robocop was one of the truly great bits of movie and pop culture magic from the 80's, and the cult of Robocop continues strong to this day. In full-on action, the Robocop story is told as Frank Miller always intended, composed straight from the master's original writings and scripts! With sequential adaptation from Steven Grant and art by superstar Juan Jose Ryp, the series will feature covers by Frank Miller, who is personally supervising the creation of the entire project. It's guaranteed to be pure Miller insanity! Also included in this book are pages from other upcoming Robocop books, due out soon. This amazing sampler book also features the debut of Stargate SG-1 from Avatar! With six seasons of shows currently on air and a seventh season coming, Stargate SG-1 has become a bona-fide media phenomenon. Now the smash science fiction series is brought to sequential life for the first time with this special preview of the upcoming series. Starring the original cast, these new stories are filled with the action, adventure, and drama that walking through the Stargate creates!

MSRP: Free
Cover: Jacen Burrows
By: Ellis, Ennis, Moore, Burrows, Wolfer
Readership: Mature Readers
Format: B&W, 32 pages
Sponsorship level: SILVER

Check out work from Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, Garth Ennis and more! This special sampler features several pages from many of the currently in print Avatar Graphic Novels by the greatest talents in the industry! Included are works from writers Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Alan Moore and Steven Grant with artists Jacen Burrows, Mike Wolfer, Juan Jose Ryp and more. Each section will feature several pages of the story, the cover graphic, and the ISBN codes for easy ordering. It's a perfect way to introduce new readers into the library of Avatar!


Frank Miller's Robocop / Stargate SG-1 FCBD edition and the Avatar Graphic Novel Sampler from Avatar Press will be available on Free Comic Book Day, May 3 2003 from participating retailers. For more information on Free Comic Book day and how to find a participating retailer near you, see To find out more about these and other offering from Avatar Press, contact Avatar editor in chief William Christensen.

* * *

FCBD News Updates

  • Diamond has announced the addition of Avatar Press to the roster of publishers involved in their "Comics' #1 Fan" contest. See their latest update for more information, and see the original contest announcement here.


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