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Rich Johnston

Rich Johnston writes the industry's leading gossip column, Lying In The Gutters. Debased and debauched, it cleans the cat litter of comics, while having a good sniff at the same time. Living in London, working for an advertising agency, he also writes comedy for TV, radio and the stage. Mark Millar says he's essential to comics. Mark Waid says he's everything that's wrong with comics. Maybe they're both right? He unsuccessfully pitched to write Marville.

"Whether you love him or hate him (or both) you know that Rich is a refreshingly honest writer with a great sense of humor. I'm looking forward to reading his new book." --Bill Jemas, Marvel Comics Chief Marketing Officer

"Thankfully Rich hasn't asked that I read this book before giving him a quote. This may well be one of the best written debuts comics has ever seen, why it's right up there with... um, and as good as... as.. well, other stuff. hey, what's this thing called anyway?" --Bryan Hitch, artist of Marvel's The Ultimates

"Rich Johnston, as a journalist, is smart and unafraid. If he's writing comics now, then everyone needs to grab a copy and dive for cover." --Warren Ellis, creator of Scars, Strange Killings, The Authority, and numerous others

Check out artwork and info on Rich's new comic from Avatar, Rich Johnston's Holed Up, at



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