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Nightmare on Elm Street

Friday the 13th

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Brian Pulido's Lady Death

Brian Pulido's Belladonna

Brian Pulido's Gypsy

Brian Pulido's UnHoly

Warren Ellis' Apparat

Yuggoth Creatures

Tim Vigil's Webwitch

Rich Johnston's Holed Up

Garth Ennis' 303

Joe R. Lansdale's By Bizarre Hands

Alan Moore's Hypothetical Lizard


Mark Millar's The Unfunnies

Steven Grant's My Flesh is Cool

Joe R. Lansdale's The Drive-In

Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures

Frank Miller's Robocop

Stargate SG-1

Warren Ellis' Strange Killings: Strong Medicine

Alan Moore's Writing for Comics

Alan Moore's A Small Killing

Alan Moore's Another Suburban Romance

Alan Moore's The Courtyard

Alan Moore's Magic Words

Joe R. Lansdale and Tim Truman's Dead Folks

Warren Ellis' Scars

Warren Ellis' Strange Killings

Warren Ellis' Bad Signal

Warren Ellis' Bad World

Warren Ellis' Dark Blue

Warren Ellis' Atmospherics

From the Desk of Warren Ellis

Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Dicks

Night Radio

Steven Grant's Mortal Souls

Fantastic Visions: The Art of Matt Busch



Jungle Fantasy




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Avatar Press is a comic book publisher which has carved a niche for itself as a company that pushes the boundaries between mainstream and independent with titles such as Alan Moore's The Courtyard and Magic Words, Warren Ellis' Strange Killings and Scars, Garth Ennis and John McCrea's irreverent private eye cult classic Dicks, Joe R. Lansdale and Tim Truman's Dead Folks, David Quinn and Tim Vigil's 777: The Wrath, company owned characters such as Pandora and The Ravening, licensed hits such as Frank Miller's Robocop and Stargate SG1, and long-running anthology title Threshold, among numerous other titles -- including comics for mature readers, and other audiences. A company that has established itself as one of the cornerstones of the American indy comic book scene over the past six years, Avatar has published over 350 comic books since 1997.


Warren Ellis

Garth Ennis

Steven Grant

Alan Moore

Frank Miller

Antony Johnston

Mike Wolfer

Jacen Burrows

Joe R. Lansdale

Clint Hilinski

Juan Jose Ryp

Jeremy Rock

Sean Shaw

Matt Martin

Mark Millar

Brian Pulido

Rich Johnston

Dheeraj Verma


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Avatar News & Updates

Check out a huge slate of titles solicited for February, including Garth Ennis' Chronicles of Wormwood, George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead: Just a Girl, Lady Death / Shi, Brian Pulido's Medieval Lady Death: War of the Winds, Pandora, Jungle Fantasy, Threshold: Mythic Sirens Pinups, and more.

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Get the inside word on the upcoming mini-series Chronicles of Wormwood in these comicbookresources interviews from Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows.

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The info page for January 2007 Solicited releases is now available.  Headlining the month are Garth Ennis' Chronicles of Wormwood, Escape of the Living Dead, Brian Pulido's Lady Death, and more.

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The December release page is live, featuring the Garth Ennis' 303 Trade Paperback, Plague of the Living Dead Special #1, Brian Pulido's Lady Death, Night of the Living Dead, Stargate Atlantis, and more.

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Writers Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Brian Pulido, Warren Ellis, and John Russo headline the November roster from Avatar Press, which features a pair of eagerly anticipated trades in Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures TPB and Frank Miller's Robocop TPB. Blackgas2, Lady Death: Blacklands, Medieval Lady Death: War of the Winds, Escape of the Living Dead: Airborne continue or conclude in the month. November features the work of a number of exceptional artists as well -- Juan Jose Ryp, Di Amorim, Gabriel Guzman, Sebastian Fiumara, Dheeraj Verma, Max Fiumara, Jacen Burrows, and more. Details on the November 2006 release page.

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This item just hit the Avatar inbox from Francisca Pulido:

Hello Folks,

As you all know my husband, Brian Pulido, is a writer. He has been nominated in two categories for Spike TV's SCREAM AWARDS 2006. I would love if you could take a moment and vote for Brian. I've added the link to vote, also below are the categories he is under and the projects he wrote.

If I could also request that you forward this to any people on your lists that would vote. Make sure to watch the awards show on October 10th at 10pm

Thanks for voting!!!

Vote for * LADY DEATH



Francisca Pulido
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It's zombies, zombies, more zombies and Death from Avatar solicited for the scariest month of the year.  We officially kick off our authorized Night of the Living Dead prequel with George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead: The Beginning #1.  This series is the official prequel to one of the greatest horror films ever created.   More zombie madness in October includes Warren Ellis' Blackgas2 #2 and Escape of the Living Dead: Airborne #2.  Brian Pulido gets in on the October festivities with a pair of Lady Death releases:  Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Blacklands #1 and Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Dark Horizons.  Also in October the Wraith prove things can get pretty scary in the Pegasus galaxy as well in Stargate Atlantis: Wraithfall #2.  Get more details on the October 2006 release page.

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Avatar Announces Signing Times for San Diego Comic-con
Avatar Press is pleased to present a wide range of talent at booth 2851 in San Diego.  All signing times are subject to change.

Featured talent:

Brian Pulido - writer and creator of Lady Death as well as new Avatar Horror titles Bad Moon Rising and Mischief Night.  He is debuting the all-new Lady Death vs War Angel #1 which is a San Diego Con exclusive new comic!

George R.R. Martin - the New York Times best-selling author brings his epic vampire series Fevre Dream to Avatar and will be signing copies of the new Preview of this series!

Antony Johnston - writer of a wide range of Avatar series including Yuggoth Creatures, Nightjar, and frequent collaborator with Alan Moore.

Stuart Moore - writer of Avatar's new Stargate: Atlantis series

Sharon Scott - writer of fan-favorite More Than Mortal who will be signing an all-new promo poster that will be available for FREE during her signings!

Don't miss our two special guest actors from the Stargate SG-1 television series!
Gary Jones - the beloved Stargate Operator Walter Harriman!
Cliff Simon - the dreaded Goa'uld lord Ba'al!

6 pm to 7 pm - George RR Martin
5 pm to 8 pm - Brian Pulido

1 pm to 6 pm - Brian Pulido

11am to 3 pm - Brian Pulido
12:30 pm to 2 pm - Antony Johnston
2 pm to 3 pm - Stuart Moore
4 pm to 6 pm - Cliff Simon

10 am to 2 pm - Brian Pulido
10:30 am to 11:30 am - Gary Jones
12 pm to 1 pm - Sharon Scott
2 pm to 3 pm - George RR Martin
5 pm to 7 pm - Gary Jones
5 pm to 7 pm - Cliff Simon

10:30 am to 12 pm - Cliff Simon
11 am to 2 pm - Brian Pulido
12 pm to 1 pm - Sharon Scott
1 pm to 2 pm - Antony Johnston
2 pm to 3 pm - Stuart Moore

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Pulido interviewed about Mischief Night, Bad Moon, and more
Pulido spills his guts in Part 1 and Part 2 of this cbr article.

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Get more info and artwork on the upcoming horror series plus an interview with creator Mike Wolfer in this CBR article on Witchman.

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